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The biggest gift to us is being unique. Why waste it for the ordinary?

Cannes, September 2011. A mild late summer evening in the yacht port of Cannes – glamour is floating in the air, spiced with a breeze of sea-salt. Three women and three men on board of a motor boat, relaxing with a glass of champagne, after having a thrilling day at the perfumery fair. We laugh, praise, criticize, discuss. And slowly, the business issues are drifting away to other themes, to the big, yet so familiar ones: man and woman, the differences, the similarities. Why it gets more and more difficult, to sound out what makes a woman a woman, and, yes, what is the typical man about.

It seems proofed: the overlaps get larger. Well, nice! But how come? Due to socialization or genetics? Which roll is played by the men-reserved Y-chromosome, and how much power has the X-chromosome that is twice with women, yet just once with men? Men on board pulling a wry face… yet still raising the question: would the world be a better place, if it get governed by women only? And which roll do the genes play, when it comes to partner choice?

Well, at least here we all agree, and one remarks: usually, those match to each other that can stand the partner’s smell! A nature’s smart gambit, he explains, because we all are provided with aromatic scent-particles by the nature itself, and they get poured out through our skin.

And they’re sending, unconsciously, reproduction-relevant information towards our counterpart, and thus providing us with selected mutual sexual attraction. Fascinating the fact, says the women right next to him, that we automatically like to choose those perfumes which are outlining our nature-given scent profile.

Munich, May 2012. Now, about nine months later, we proudly have presented our fragrance creation “X”, a luxury scent composition for women, while gently floating towards unisex – for us the embodiment of the modern femininity. The aestival-fruity top note of Peach and citrus-fresh Neroli evokes the “easiness of just being!” getting joined by a redeeming heart note of Brazilian Rose, Jasmine and unparalleled Sweet Osmanthus (African Devilwood). Amber, Sandal Wood, Musk and the elegant ever-lasting sweetness of Patchouli Oil are adding a lush, slightly masculine and exciting aphrodisiac note to the base.

Just remains to note: where there is an “X”, the “Y” ain’t be far… What do they both have in common? Some of the ingredients – because what gets her attracted to him and vice versa – none of us wants to miss. And, of course: the fragrance’s shape! Broad-shouldered and straight lined, the Flacon design incorporates classic masculine attributes, while the curvy structure is playing gently with the “eternal femininity”.

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